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It's not real but it's ours//SUNDAE JEWELS

-jrock&jpop fanfiction-

Sundae Jewels [jrock/jpop fanfiction since 2008]
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Japan related fanfiction&fan art, showered with pretty boys and fangirly squeling.

Sundae Jewels

{our song is over and heavy}
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"Don't you dare writing crappy fanfiction..."
"I'm so sorry!"

Welcome to Sundae Jewels, a shared Jrock/Jpop/Jdrama fanfiction/fanvid community! We are a group of friends who enjoy writing, and originally Jewels was started for our own archiving purposes. Not all of us crosspost; so, feel free to add us if you've liked the stories so far and want to continue following us. The journal is public for all.

Comments are always appreciated, since they motivate us to write better. Constructive criticism is also welcomed with wide-open arms. However; flaming, gayphobic bitching and comments along the lines of "this pairing totally sucks" aren't tolerated. We write mainly fluff and drama, cute and bubbly, dark and heavy, and our pairings range from your everyday Saga/Nao to a few more extreme, for example Tora/Hiko and Kenzo/Kazuki, and if you're not into crossovers or don't have the sense of humor to try them out, then I guess this isn't your journal. There's plenty of other fish in the sea, so to speak, so instead of bitching, go and find a happier place for you :)



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Rii: Supernatural; Facebook; Gemini; Byou/Meetan; Eita

Huffy: coffee, homemade blueberry pie; Junko Mizuno, Angel's Sanctuary; Love Shuffle; white clothes; classical music

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